Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wait… she gets bestseller?

Ann Coulter. If you read blogs, or listen to the news, you already know who she his. Hopefully you have formed a strong opinion. If that opinion isn’t, ‘this bitch should die, right now,’ then you have issues.

I have read people saying that they support her claims that her comments are usually satire and never intended to really offend anyone. But there is a level of conviction in her voice that says ‘if you think I am joking, then you’re stupid.’ Of course a lot of what she says is not politically correct, and when you’re aren’t PC you are either entertaining people or, you are an asshole.

Unless you are the king of all humans and have no empathy, then her existence shouldn’t make you laugh.

There are people that go by day in and day out, not hurting anyone and not intending to, with great ideas, dreams and full of hope. But she is the one that has the published bestseller. Perfect example of how the good sit back whilst the bad take over. Besides, there are more important things to care about than what some middle aged, white, American bitch has to say.

Snoop Doggy Dogg or, can I be famous too?

As I mentioned earlier, one of my interests is music. I sang in a choir up until my voice broke and have been playing guitar since the age of 10. I was a little discouraged from playing guitar at certain periods of my life, and have confronted these people about why they discouraged me. Unfortunately this personal issue of mine was never really resolved.

I was passionate about playing, I was the kind of kid that skipped classes and would fall asleep holding my guitar. In spite of this, there were times when I thought I was never progressing with my skill. For the last two years I was so discouraged from my failure to yield good results when playing guitar for my end of school music exams I pretty much stopped, and haven’t progressed since.

I still have a great passion for music. I listen to every kind I can get my hands on, play guitar when I can, play around with music programs like GarageBand and am trying to develop a few projects with friends.

If I was ever going to do something productive with this skill I would put all my effort into it, that’s the only way to do it, right? Rap artists are an epitome of how I feel about life. Not only are there great artists out there producing quality material, but there are also the most retarded of posers out there. This goes for most genres, but rap seems to be the most consistent and popular of my generation.

Snoop Dogg is fucking cool. This may be only my opinion and that of a few others but his style really clicks with me, and I love Dr. Dre’s beats not only with Snoop but also with other great artists like Eminem. Snoop Dogg was in a gang from a young age and has been to jail, apparently for cocaine possession. I have never been involved with those kinds of drugs before, I have never been to jail before, or been in a gang.

I never intended on being associated with ‘white people’ but I was born with that colour of skin and years of supremacy behind me to know that because I wasn’t born in a ghetto and don’t have a black half brother I probably won’t be accepted into their culture any time soon.

(I say this knowing full well that most artists only create music based on an image that most people buy into, that’s how they make money. Acid has taught me that anyone who has also done acid cannot hold prejudices against people of any race, unless they pose a direct threat to their livelihood).

My dilemma lies in the fact that why can rap artists, who just mix words together and reach out to a few thousand people by just saying how hard life is and how cool they are, live in mansions and afford to be high all day? Yet, because I have no one to reach out to, I have no one like me willing to hand over a bunch of cash to relate or be more like me, I know I will never be ‘rap artist rich’.

The other day I was told that the amount of energy I put into my Industrial Design degree will never be matched as, if I just remain a normal designer I will never have enough money. I will only ever make money if I ‘invent something new that EVERYONE wants.’ To make it harder, to update this statement into today’s context, ‘EVERYTHING that everybody wants has already been invented, now you have invent something and CONVINCE everybody that they want it.’

I take it that is how the ‘merchants of cool’* do it these days too. People are convinced that these rap artists are the best, relate to them the most, will help them be who they want to be and are the only people to be listened to. That’s why only they make money, when most other acts simply fall by the wayside, never approaching the same level that an artist like Snoop Dogg does. Simply put, right place, right time.

We will never turn the corner and arrive in the right place at the right time. In fact a lot of you might end up being those who hear the description ‘wrong place, wrong time,’ ending them up in jail or in serious accidents. In most cases this just occurs as a by-product of our everyday lives. I have a feeling that while some of us smile, sit back and bask in their right place, right time, most people (take the third world for example) are born in the wrong place at the wrong time.

*I have borrowed this term from the title of this film Merchants of Cool which also supports my opinion here to an extent.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Follow up

I know, it has been almost forever since my last posting. I am really new to the regular posting thing. I want to be someone that blogs often enough that I can relay my everyday life in this blog, giving me some kind of perspective but not so often that it becomes a chore or clutters the page.

If someone out there actually is reading this, I will elaborate a little on this project and myself. I love writing. I have so many ideas running through my head all the time, all of which I want to record. Some are novels, some are philosophies, some are combinations and some don’t have a category at all, they’re just thoughts. So here is where I can record my thoughts.

All this started because I decided to quit smoking. It was achieving anything in my life more than just looks. I wasn’t enjoying it like I did, and it slowly turned me away. I also wanted to prevent the health risks posed when smoking regularly. The cravings were bad, although I wasn’t a heavy smoker, and my cynical attitude crept up over me. I do smoke pot and this was one of the reasons I continued smoking (for those who don’t know, some cannabis smoker tend to mix their weed with tobacco so it burns easier), but I ordered a medical vapouriser and now I will be able to enjoy the use of the plant without negative health effects. But I haven’t been doing this lately, or drinking, all as a part of my quitting process. I find that I am doing well, but I need a mental release and, like I have done in the past, I turned to writing.

What frustrates me most is the daily rat-race. I have so many past-times, hobbies and interests. I can do most things but unlike those who have ‘made it’ I am a jack-of-all trades but a master of none. I am not saying this is true for most people having drinks on the beach of Barbados but I feel like I have held myself back by not ever having the personality to really stick to one skill and developing it to a point where I can use it to my own benefit.

More on all of this later, I feel like I shouldn’t write too much in one post or I might not have enough to write one day. Again, if you are reading this and have any interest whatsoever, comment or email me, I love to connect to the world.

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Today I realised something. Something that will stay with me until the day I, sooner or later, die.

I will never make it.

See that guy on the front of the magazine? See your friend make enough money to take a few years off work? See that smile on your face in the mirror. That isn’t me.

I always wanted that to be me. I still do! I’m young, educated, healthy and live in a developed country. Why can’t I still make it? Because, it just isn’t in my nature. In fact, I know for a fact that it isn’t in nature of many people. It might not be in your nature to be rich, famous or even just well off. Some people work tirelessly, day after day, and never make it. Some are your teachers. Some are your parents. Some will be your children, no matter how hard you try to get them started in this world.

I was a kid that spent most of his time daydreaming of a world with constant humour, humanoids and freedom. I grew up in a world where I needed to study non-stop, to make sure I could operate to my fullest potential. When, there were kids outside playing sport. I was told that some of those kids would one day grow up to make a lot of money. Just by doing something as simple as kicking and throwing a ball? Some of them would fail miserably though, with no interest in their education and a sporting dedication, they would end up in a low-end labourious job, working their butt off to barely feed their own children one day.

I have worked my butt off and have made it all the way into my third year of University. I am in a great relationship, I hold a few jobs which call me on an alternating basis which allows me to, to an extent, pick and choose where I would like to work each week and how much I want to get paid. I have made mistakes getting here, and I can’t really say here is my ideal place to be. But I have paid for those mistakes, have learnt and have grown and made me the person I am today.

I am not sure how I well I will maintain this blog, as most of my other attempts at blogging have all fallen by the wayside. But those were just for fun. This one I am going to take seriously, to discuss my life, and to reach out to those who understand my situation and those of a million others. I wish I could network with people out there to make living a lot more easier, affordable and not so wound up in an endless frenzy of confusion, frustration and emptiness. My dream is get a better perspective of purpose, for others and myself. If you stumble across this blog and want to say something, reach out or just discuss an interest please feel free to email me, comment or link me to your website/blog. It will be great to hear from you!