Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Follow up

I know, it has been almost forever since my last posting. I am really new to the regular posting thing. I want to be someone that blogs often enough that I can relay my everyday life in this blog, giving me some kind of perspective but not so often that it becomes a chore or clutters the page.

If someone out there actually is reading this, I will elaborate a little on this project and myself. I love writing. I have so many ideas running through my head all the time, all of which I want to record. Some are novels, some are philosophies, some are combinations and some don’t have a category at all, they’re just thoughts. So here is where I can record my thoughts.

All this started because I decided to quit smoking. It was achieving anything in my life more than just looks. I wasn’t enjoying it like I did, and it slowly turned me away. I also wanted to prevent the health risks posed when smoking regularly. The cravings were bad, although I wasn’t a heavy smoker, and my cynical attitude crept up over me. I do smoke pot and this was one of the reasons I continued smoking (for those who don’t know, some cannabis smoker tend to mix their weed with tobacco so it burns easier), but I ordered a medical vapouriser and now I will be able to enjoy the use of the plant without negative health effects. But I haven’t been doing this lately, or drinking, all as a part of my quitting process. I find that I am doing well, but I need a mental release and, like I have done in the past, I turned to writing.

What frustrates me most is the daily rat-race. I have so many past-times, hobbies and interests. I can do most things but unlike those who have ‘made it’ I am a jack-of-all trades but a master of none. I am not saying this is true for most people having drinks on the beach of Barbados but I feel like I have held myself back by not ever having the personality to really stick to one skill and developing it to a point where I can use it to my own benefit.

More on all of this later, I feel like I shouldn’t write too much in one post or I might not have enough to write one day. Again, if you are reading this and have any interest whatsoever, comment or email me, I love to connect to the world.

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