Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wait… she gets bestseller?

Ann Coulter. If you read blogs, or listen to the news, you already know who she his. Hopefully you have formed a strong opinion. If that opinion isn’t, ‘this bitch should die, right now,’ then you have issues.

I have read people saying that they support her claims that her comments are usually satire and never intended to really offend anyone. But there is a level of conviction in her voice that says ‘if you think I am joking, then you’re stupid.’ Of course a lot of what she says is not politically correct, and when you’re aren’t PC you are either entertaining people or, you are an asshole.

Unless you are the king of all humans and have no empathy, then her existence shouldn’t make you laugh.

There are people that go by day in and day out, not hurting anyone and not intending to, with great ideas, dreams and full of hope. But she is the one that has the published bestseller. Perfect example of how the good sit back whilst the bad take over. Besides, there are more important things to care about than what some middle aged, white, American bitch has to say.

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